8 Organic Ways To Boost Your Engagement

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Engagement up, engagement down, blah blah blah… what’s the fuss with this word, anyway? We feel you, buddy  Sit down and let us explain how the things are going on Instagram in 2018. Long story short: Engagement > Number of Followers. Why is that? The brands and the companies are becoming more and more aware that some influencers, or users who want to become social media personalities, tend to buy fake followers and grow by night from 0 to 10k or even more. Obviously, their priority is to increase sales after working with them. So they started to pay attention, more than before, to the engagement rate. Rate is calculated by average number of likes and comments an influencer receives on their content divided by the total number of followers, which is then multiplied by 100.

That being said, here are some tips on how to increase your engagement rate:

1. Don’t be afraid of using hash-tags.

It’s one of the most effective ways (if done properly) to boost your engagement and make your post be visible to more people. Check here our recommended Hashtag Strategy 2018.

2. Post more often.

We understand, quality over quantity, but be sure to post at least 1 high resolution pic every day or every other day.

3. Share stories more often.

Your followers can’t wait to see what you’ve eaten at the breakfast or what exercises you’re doing at the gym, so be sure to interact with them. Also don’t forget you can use hash-tags here 😉

4. Respond to your comments

Even if it’s a simple “thanks” to a compliment. In that way, your followers will see that you care about their questions or opinions.

5. Be original.

The best way to stand out is to be yourself. Don’t try to copy or imitate someone else.

6. Create your own color palette and stick to it.

By color palette i mean the primary colors your pictures present. A cohesive Instagram feed is more than necessary in order to attract new followers. You can find here more details.

7. Ask simple questions in your captions.

Want more likes? Ask for them. For instance: “Like if you’ve been in the same situation”. Just ask anything 🙂

8. Post when you’re audience is the most active in the day.

You can find that by checking the “Insights” of your Instagram account. But be sure you have a business account 😉 We created a special blogpost about this topic. Check here. So there you have them. Our most effective ways to take your engagement to the next level. If you found these information useful, don’t be selfish and share them with your friends. Also if you know other ways, let us know down bellow. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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