When Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram?

Learn Time

Man… if I had a dollar for every time i heard this question 🙂 But don’t worry, after reading the following guide i’m sure you’ll be clarified. When it comes to the best times to post on Instagram, it’s essential to think about the time zones of your Instagram followers. Obviously, we can’t tell you an exact time (x hour, y minutes) when to post. But we can help you find your own time, when your audience is the most active. But before proceeding, make sure you have a business Instagram account. For those who don’t have, it is very simple to switch: Enter Instagram app, tap on those 3 dots from the right corner(make sure you are on your profile tab), scroll down until you see the option “Switch to a Business profile” and tap there 🙂

The easiest way

Since the launch of the Instagram Insights, Influencers have access to a bunch of statistics and measurements regarding their accounts. Fortunately, among them can be found the hours when your audience is the most active. Pay attention that generating proper dates requires some time. In order to access these information, head over to the Insight tab, Audience and scroll down until you find the Followers tab. You can easily switch the day you’re interested in finding the proper time.

Another ways

Another great way is by looking when other popular influencers from your country post. But generally, from our personal experience, we found that the most convenient time to post is in the evening, when people get home from work, eat something and lay on the couch, scrolling on their feed. This applies for work days. For instance, you can try posting in the lunch time(11am-1pm) on weekends.

Final Thoughts

Identifying the best times to post on Instagram can help you see dramatic growth in your Instagram engagement. While the algorithm has changed the priority of the order that posts are shown in, uploading your post during peak times can help it get the early traction it needs to rank highly within the algorithm, so these best times shouldn’t be ignored.

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